Summer events and volunteering opportunities

Lots happening at Granton’s lost castle garden this May and June behind the high walls. On the 16th we took part for the first time in the Power of Food Festival 2018 with great support and wonderful food provided by the World Kitchen in Leith. Huge thanks to all the volunteers involved in making this happen, for the effort on the day and work beforehand in preparation. The gazebo was very useful as a pop up picnic stall, food looked amazing.

POFF happy visitors
A feast for the eyes and taste buds too

The wee nettle tearoom improvised on the day by In My Presence was a delight to all who experienced the transformation of an overgrown corner into something magical, even in the frequent rain!

Good news is that volunteering mini-sessions will be continuing through the summer on a Wednesday and Sunday from 11-1pm. 
The garden is still very much a work in progress so if it is your first visit please wear sturdy shoes and perhaps bring a pair of gloves if you have them and want to help with the weeding. We hope to host another free open door tours day on Saturday the 7th July from noon until 2ish. Check out our Facebook page for any event updates.

Apart from birdwatching and identifying butterflies  and bees we have a good few gardening tasks to do too. On the menu for June activities.
Seed sowing and planting plans in the kitchen garden.
Harvesting soon of the early potatoes and garlic.
Wildflower planting and sowing for the bees and butterflies.
Building a firepit
Weeding and compost making
Probably a few other things too, depending on the weather and what needs done. Get in touch if you haven’t been along before and have any questions. There are no toilets at the garden and access is via a footpath from West Shore Road (roadside parking) or Caroline Park Avenue (private road) – cycletrack and footpath.
new location map for the walled garden with cycletracks and FG door
If you have visited the walled garden this year, volunteered or attended any events it would really help us if you could take 5 minutes to fill in the survey on formative plans and ideas for the historic garden’s restoration. We want to hear from you! Granton Walled Garden Survey