Midsummer dreaming at Granton’s secret garden, 16th June…and beyond

The Friends Group will be opening the walled garden alongside many other community gardens around Edinburgh this weekend for the Power of Food Festival 2018.  poster for Granton's lost garden POFF
From noon until 4pm on Saturday the 16th of June. Expert local volunteers will be on hand offering guided tours on the hour, helping to tell the story of the late medieval garden’s survival on the waterfront alongside the World Kitchen in Leith
We hope to open this magical green haven of tranquillity to curious visitors & those keen to get involved and shape community plans for the future restoration.  Free entry and a multicultural picnic from 2-3pm. Documentary filmmakers Written in Film  will be present on the day recording the event.
The Friends Group are currently undertaking a survey of ideas suggested for future uses of the garden and possible sustainable income generation with help from Community Enterprise  Please fill in the electronic questionnaire if you are able,  Granton Walled Garden survey or come along to the garden where paper copies are to be found. We want to hear from you and need your opinions to help us prioritise and plan for the longer term.

Hope to see you at the walled garden soon, where volunteer mini-sessions will continue on a Weds and Sunday from 11-1pm.  Photographs above from Mariola Albinowska.  Landscaping, planting, weeding and composting all in the plans for June. Our race against thistles and willowherb before they flower and set seed is on!
Get in touch first via our contacts page above if you haven’t been before, there is a wee bit of paperwork due to health and safety issues.