Survey of Ideas and Plans so far…

The group have been looking to prioritise the many ideas generated by local gardeners and historians, and look at how these could be funded and sustained in the future. Please if you can take 5 minutes to look at the questionnaire and send us your opinions, or add more ideas! Survey of Friends Group Ideas
Granton Castle Walled Garden is a truly unique heritage environment in Edinburgh with continuous horticultural use from the late medieval period. Digital record for Granton Castle – pics and references  Historic Environment Scotland have re-opened the review of the listed garden’s status this spring, with possible addition to the Inventory of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes!

Granton Castle & Walled Garden in 1920
Granton Castle Walled Garden in the early 1900’s, full of fruit & flowers

Our Friends Group is excited about this news and hope it will encourage the developers to re-think their townhouse plans; looking instead to work with local people keen to restore the neglected historic walled garden and make it accessible! Local councillors, officials and politicians from all parties seem to be supportive, as the benefits to community health, wellbeing and the environment would be significant. 29th Jan 2016 Friends Group meeting with Lesley Hinds
Jan 21st 2016 Friends Group Meeting notes More news and views to follow soon, our committee has been active this month raising awareness & the response to the survey so far has been very positive. Thankyou to everyone that has completed it so far.