Granton’s lost Castle Garden safe and set to reopen!

Last week Friends Group members celebrated a little at the amazing news delivered by Denise Havard and Mark Harris of EDI following our presentation in October. The B-listed garden is safe! The company board and senior management team could see the value of the Friends Group ideas for community use of the historic walled garden, and now want to retain the garden in their long term Masterplan for the waterfront.

Granton Castle from the shore

EDI issued this statement earlier in the week.

Following this review, and in conjunction with a proposal put to us by the Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden (FOGCWG), the EDI Board is now minded to retain the walled garden for the purpose of a community market garden. The Board recognised the close links the FOGCWG’s revised proposals had to our own aspirations for the area and it is hoped that by continuing to work closely with the FOGCWG, a sustainable and long-term business plan can be established – allowing the walled garden to play a positive role in the future of Granton and the surrounding area.”

“EDI would like to thank all those who engaged in this process. Along with working with the FOGCWG, we will continue to engage with the community to ensure that the future masterplan for Granton can continue to develop and benefit the community.”

Friends Group members and supporters are really glad the development company had a change of heart, and are now working towards making the walled garden accessible and progressing towards an agreement with the Friends Group. We were unsure until this week who was to take on the area of wasteland beside the walled garden but welcome the news confirmed today that Social Bite are the group involved with plans for a Sustainable Homeless Village

  • We look forward to meeting Josh soon to begin working together on common aims for the walled garden’s restoration and use. Friends Group members are excited by the opportunities to involve more local people and all the supportive organisations who have helped over the last two years with encouragement and advice. So many possibilities now that the garden owners are supportive of it being re-opened as soon as possible with a new access!

The EDI board decision to retain the walled garden in future plans and work alongside the Friends group and other interested community organisations was unanimously supported by the Economy Committee meeting this week at the City Chambers. The Friends Group deputation thank Councillor Milligan for his praise of the long term community efforts to raise awareness and safeguard the historic site.

As ever please get in touch if you are interested in joining the Friends Group, hearing more about local plans or attending events in the future. We shall be meeting again in early December, venue and time tbc.