Botanical inspiration and June meeting news

The newly opened and very beautiful Botanic cottage was the venue for our June Friends Group meeting. Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of group members over past months many positive steps have been taken to raise awareness of Granton’s lost Castle Garden, and its potential if restored. Responses and comments on the Ideas Survey have brought up some good points to help focus our ‘action group’.

botanics cottage meeting 4 28th June
Meeting at Botanic Cottage

Plans for July include gathering signatures for the Edinburgh City Council Petition to safeguard the walled garden’s future, and make it accessible. You must be over 16 and resident in Edinburgh to take part.
Please sign and share if you agree, we need to gather 500 signatures by the 25th August to be heard at the city chambers.
Click on the council web-link below to read the petition Save Granton Castle Walled Garden
Gardening drop-in once a week at  Our shared plot has been transformed over the last two years into a little haven for wildlife, plants and people.
Our plotNEAC plot June 2016
Mondays 1-2pm – join in designing, planting and maintaining a ‘mini forest garden’, combining the best of old and new varieties of fruits, flowers & herbs. From Snow White strawberries to medieval damsons & exotic honeyberries, there is something to whet the appetite and appeal to the senses at our wee plot.
Archaeology news & more to follow soon…., latest notes 19th May Friends Group Public Meeting approved