Roman find beside the Walled Garden? 23rd Oct 2-5pm

Tomorrow the Friends group are meeting outside of the garden for surveying & mapping training with Historic Environment Scotland (green bit on the plan below)  We will be there from 2-5pm wandering about with maps & GPS equipment trying to identify where the 2nd century Roman pottery was found, & where Granton Castle once stood.
Scotland’s Urban Past team members are providing support to our Friends Group to help with the historic research and understanding of this newly B-listed walled garden. Local people have helped gather lots of evidence to share!

Walled Garden - Roman find map
Walled Garden – Roman find

23rd Surveying the wall
Where was Granton Castle?

Please come along if you have time on the 23rd, even for 10 minutes to chat, ask questions, add ideas.
This is our second session with the knowledgeable and helpful staff from Historic Environment Scotland, and we hope to be doing a lot more soon!
A few new finds after a visit to the search rooms on the 15th.
Caroline Park estate and Granton Castle Garden in 1811
Caroline Park estate and Granton Castle Garden in 1811

We looked at old and new images of Granton’s coast, ranging from Georgian estate plans to Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance shots from the second war.
A lovely plan of Caroline Park Estate and it’s ‘Oyster scalp’ was dated 1811 on the day; when oysters & salmon were so plentiful in the Forth they were ‘poor man’s’ food.
We would love to see this garden restored & opened to local people, full of fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers growing organically in the fertile soil. The oldest undeveloped walled garden in Edinburgh could be of benefit to many people, and the environment.
Get in touch if you want out find out more, or just come along!
10th Sept 2015 Friends Group Public meeting notes