Next meeting after the Easter holiday

Thursday 23rd April, 6-7.30 pm
Royston Wardieburn Community Centre (Room F40)
Agenda so far
  • Community ideas and aspirations – new additions to our growing list like the solar powered cycletrack to light up at night, recreation of a bit of the medieval castle!

Solar powered cycletrack glows in the dark
Solar powered cycletrack, glows in the dark!

  • Funding to make things happen – priorities?
  • Awareness raising, membership and voting rights.
  • EDI/WEL meeting
  • Planning committee meeting & Local Development Plan
Seating for 20, so please get in touch if you want to come along or put forward suggestions or questions for the meeting.
PS feedback from the exhibition at North Edinburgh Arts café has been very positive, with many people surprised and glad to hear about the Friends Group campaign to safeguard and restore the walled garden.
Looking forward to seeing the film Sophia is making!